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There is a quot saying „if your customer are looking for your product or service online, they do it on Google!“ Google is visited 89.3 billion times a month and it  has 91.9% of the market share! That si why your offer should be just a click away. The only way you can do it is throut Google advertising !

In our agency we magage all types of Google ads, seaerch display, Youtube you name it! With our strategy our clients on average have growth of their sales by +76%

Google advertising represent one of the fastes ways to reach your customers online!

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What we offer .

There are few main types of Google AdWords, all of them have different type of placement, objective and setup options which are available to us in order to make the best possible result for your business. Base of your needs and market reserach we alway propose the most effective type of Google advertisement which will have highest chance to bring your desired results. Before we decide which type of advertisement we should use we have to make indepth anyalses of your busienss, offer, your KPIs and budget you have. After we make internal anaylaes we have to make external analyses in order to understand how competitive is your niche. Three main types of Google ads are:

Google Search

This type of Google ads are pay-per-click advertisements. When your target customer look for specific keyword or phrase we use this types of advertisements to show your advertisement in front of them. s

This type of Google ads is very effective for boost of sales and new leads for your business. We use this type of advertisements all the time and this format of ads is most frequently used when it comes to Google advertising. 

Our clients see uplift of their sales by +76% in the service industries while for product based campaign we see growth of +124% depending of the niche.

Google Display

Google display ads are excellent for retargeting and they are complementar with Google serach ads. When we set up this type of ads they will show at specific websites which we choose and whicn are part of Google display network. In this way we can increase awareness of your offer and your brand.  

Throuout this advertisement we can increase click thoru rate and website trafffic and get lowe cost per click.

Our clients on average see uplift of their website visits by +128% with this type of avertisements.

Youtube Advertising

If you want to get to your target market in the most engaging way, YouTube ads are great tool for that! Its not a secret that video format of advertisements in growing in its importance and it makes strong impact on brand awareness, website traffic and sales. 

We use this type of ads in order to get your brand and offer in front of people watching content which might be closely related to your business. In that way we can increase chance for getting noticed by people with high interest for products or services offered by your business.

Our clients on average see growth of their awareness and website traffic by +176%

Results We achieved .


On average our clients see boost in new leads by +112% 


On average our clients see boost in sales by +62%


On average our clients see boost of their community by +264%

Some of the Benefits of Google advertising service .

Benefits of Google advertising are concrete! With have proven strategy and systems that bring results to our clients and some of the benefits of hiring our team to run ads for your business are:

All our clients have positive development of their sales and growth in number of new leads

Website development agency .

Nowadays if you don’t have professional looking and fully optimized website you are losing new customers every day!  However, not enough just to have website, we are witnessing increased importance of internet marketing, sales and communication. Companies from all around the world are investing strongly in their online presence to stand out and improve their business. 

We like to think about website like your business id, it has to be clean, professional, up to date and to provide all key information in well structured way.  Our job as your web development agency is to make your website representative. 

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Case Study .

The cleaning industry is highly competitive in Chicago due to the presence of giant companies with astronomical budgets, making it challenging for our company to establish itself in the market.

The budget we had at our disposal was on average 10 times smaller than the budgets competitors typically spent on online advertising, so we had to invest every dollar wisely, as there was no room for error.