KV Carpet Care Chicago.

Results we are proud of!

Successfully Battling the "White Sharks" .

K.V. Carpet Care is a company founded four years ago in Chicago, specializing in professional carpet, mat, mattress, and furniture cleaning. The cleaning industry is highly competitive in Chicago due to the presence of giant companies with astronomical budgets, making it challenging for our company to establish itself in the market.

The main challenge was to raise brand awareness and increase the number of scheduled cleanings through the website (boost sales).

The budget we had at our disposal was on average 10 times smaller than the budgets competitors typically spent on online advertising, so we had to invest every dollar wisely, as there was no room for error.

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What Have We Accomplished ?

After conducting a thorough market analysis and assessing the potential, we realized that in the battle against the “big players,” we couldn’t compete in terms of budgets, but we could excel in an innovative approach. We identified market spaces we could penetrate and directed all our efforts towards these specific segments. Some of the tools we used included:

Results We achieved .

After 5 months of cooperation, we managed to achieve incredible results!

Google ads95%
Instagram ads70%
Facebook ads45%

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We managed to achieve significant sales growth after four months of collaboration, even though I was initially uncertain about whether there would be results due to the extremely fierce competition. Even during the COVID-19 period, when there were numerous challenges, we succeeded in expanding our service sales. Thanks to the Strix team!