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Results we are proud of!

KNK Courier Double-Digit Monthly Growth

KNK Courier is an express courier service based in Belgrade. They deliver everything you need to your address in record time. Speed, reliability, and security are some of the qualities that define them. What they lacked was a good website and increased sales through Google advertising, and that’s where we stepped in.

The main challenge was to boost sales through Google ads and create a website that would simplify ordering for consumers and provide all the necessary answers to their questions in just a few clicks.

Since the company has been operating since 2011, they had a base of loyal customers. However, due to increasing competition and the entry of many major players into the business (, Wolt, Glovo, Car Go Butler, etc.), it was necessary to position themselves quickly and reach new customers.”

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What Have We Done ?

We started with an analysis of each of the competitors, their pricing, market potential, and demand for this type of service. We developed a high-quality system that includes various communication channels working in synergy and delivering exceptional results (we created what’s known as a sales funnel that excels). Some of the channels that brought us results include:

Results We achieved .

After 5 months of cooperation, we managed to achieve incredible results!

Web site100%
Google ads95%
Instagram & FB ads75%

If your business also needs help in the fight against the competition, contact us.

We have been successfully working together for several months now, and our business has increased by 30%, which is a significant success for us. We will definitely continue our collaboration in the coming period

Milos Vukovic, FounderKNK Courier