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How Facebook Advertising Works ?

Facebook advertising is on of the most effective way to get new clients, increase sales and gain new leads. Depending of the need of your business and your goal Facebook has different types of campaigns developed to gain you the most out of your advertisement.
There are few different ways how Facebook advertising works, however not all of them will give you expected result. 

Facebook ads set up correctly are targeting right people at the right time on the right place and with the right offer. This is crucial for getting the right effect of the campaigns. After many years of running Facebook ads and after spending more than 1mil $ on Facebook advertisements we developed system for different types of campaigns which are proven to work and to bring results to our clients. 

Did you know that Facebook has 2.96 billion users and its still  largest social networks in the world?

It obvious that Facebook marketing represent huge potential for every business owner looking to boost sales, online presence, increase community  and awareness of its brand. There is a plenty of options how you can gain most of the Facebook marketing and our agency is specialized in Facebook advertising service and community management.

On average our clients see growth of their sales by + 68% when we run Facebook ads for their businesses. On the other hand, we have clients from Fashion industry and service industry which grew more than +408% making their business highly profitable and switching their focus from traditional sales to online sales where they can sell to the people all around the world!

 Its important to understand logic of how Facebook advertising works, some of the factors important to know before running Facebook ads are:

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Benefits of Facebook Advertising .

Depending of your needs we can tailor made Facebook campaigns to get you most out of the budget you spend.

Some of the benefits of Facebook advertising are:

Growth of online sales of you products of service

Our clients on average grew +68%

Gaining new high quality leads

Our clients on average get +147% more leads

Spreading brand awareness of your brand

Spreading brand awareness of your brand

Reaching your target group around the world

Reaching your target group around the world

Getting high visibility in the local or global community

Getting high visibility in the local or global community

Increasing traffic on your website with relevant people

Our clients see growth of +246%

Why to hire our Facebook advertising agency ?

We are fully commited on getting you the most out of the budget you spend, we know how to bring you high quality traffic and reach your targets. Our team is highly specialized for development of winning systems for running Facebook ads  and we continuously work on improvement of campaigns we set after we reach set goals. 

We have clients working with us  for more than 5 years and for that period we managed to completely transform their business and bring them to six figure online sales month by month.

Here are some results of our clients :

Service business
Number of new leads92%
Average Improvements85%
E commerce
Online sales 88%
Average Improvements93%

Why To Hire Us ?


You are professional in the business you run so are we! We know exactly what we should do and how to do it. How to get the most of the budget you spend and how to prevent issues with Facebook ads manager.

We have premium tools necessary for understanding potentials for you business and we know which strategies to use and how to implement them right way.

We will save you time and money! You can focus on your business while our team will take care of your Facebook advertisements and rest of the digital marketing. We work as your external marketing team fully focused on achieving your goals.

You want to suppress your competitors? We can help! Our team will analyses market trends, best practices from you industry and find the right way how to take advantage of them.


What Our Clients Say .

We worked closely with more than 300 brands in the last five years and our average clients satisfaction score is:


We sell STIHL products in retail stores, but we recognized the potential for online sales. We sent an inquiry to the Strix team and after the first meeting we decided to cooperate. Already in the second week of our cooperation, we managed to launch the online shop and the first orders arrived, so I am very satisfied.

Stevan Sindjelic


They easily recognized what we needed, gave relevant suggestions that we implemented and completed the projects before the agreed deadline. A big advantage is that the Strix team acts as a part of your marketing team, so during cooperation you don’t have the feeling that you have left the work to external providers, but that you have a reliable partner.

Aleksej Janicijevic


We have been doing business successfully for 15 years, but we have not been active online. The Strix team has helped us build an online community of people who follow our work and are loyal to us, and it is especially important to us that we reach new customers on a daily basis.

Ognjen Bjelajac


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