Etual Shop.

Results we are proud of!

Creation of a website tailored to the client .

It’s a real pleasure to work with clients who know what they want, pay attention to details, and are extremely dedicated to their work. The team behind the Etual shop is precisely like that. From the very beginning of our collaboration, it was clear that their commitment to their work and their understanding of the industry in which they operate are the keys to success and a strong position in the eyes of consumers.

Etual shop did not have an adequate online store, so the first step was to build a high-quality online shop that would provide the best user experience and bring the brand closer to customers.

The website development took one month, and during that time, we managed to accurately represent the brand’s character and make the purchasing process easy and intuitive for visitors.

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Social Media Advertising and Google Advertising .

Following the creation of the website, we proceeded with advertising on social media. The campaigns we used aimed at boosting sales and increasing traffic generated through the online shop. In addition to standard campaigns, we employed advanced advertising techniques, which resulted in a 433% growth in sales. Not only did we manage to make the client highly profitable within two months (with a 44x return on investment), but we also set a record for our agency in terms of the best ratio of client investment to generated revenue. Google advertising served as an excellent source of traffic, contributing to the overall growth.

We engaged in advertising through:

Results We achieved .

After 5 months of cooperation, we managed to achieve incredible results!

Instagram Advertising95%
Facebook Advertising90%
Google Advertising72%

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I've finally found a marketing team that is entirely dedicated to their work, keeping up with all the latest trends and implementing concrete actions to develop my brand in the online environment. We quickly achieved significant sales growth and exceeded all expectations. They promptly handle everything that's needed, and their availability means a lot to me. I highly recommend them!

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